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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000596 [xREDIRECT]
Server querying
minorresolved (xOR)2009-12-08Error in protocol parsing for some remote game information
  000594 [xREDIRECT]
Server menu
minorresolved (xOR)2009-12-08Missing colors for menu entries of manually disabled servers
  000447 [xREDIRECT]
minorresolved (xOR)2009-12-08Admins are automatically redirected to servers with noauto flag
  000580 [eXirc.mini]
Chat window
featureassigned (xOR)2009-07-29Create custom chat window
  000584 [eXirc.mini]
Chat window
featureassigned (xOR)2009-07-16Align text within columns
  000587 [eXirc.mini]
Chat window
featureassigned (xOR)2009-07-16Clickable nicks
  000586 [eXirc.mini]
Chat window
featureassigned (xOR)2009-07-16Clickable channels
File handling
minorresolved (xOR)2009-07-11Format incompatibility on foreign systems
featureresolved (xOR)2009-06-19Maximum line limit setting
Main window
featureresolved (xOR)2009-06-19Save/restore main window state
Window manager (EGAL)
featureresolved (xOR)2009-06-19Handle INVITE messages
Window manager (EGAL)
featureresolved (xOR)2009-06-19Prevent status window from being closed
Window manager (EGAL)
featureresolved (xOR)2009-06-19Prevent notices window from being closed
Window manager (EGAL)
featureresolved (xOR)2009-06-19Write an exception log to the file exception.log
Main window
featureresolved (xOR)2009-06-19Save/restore window size and position
Window manager (EGAL)
featureresolved (xOR)2009-06-17Channel mode changes affecting nick list
Window manager (EGAL)
featureresolved (xOR)2009-06-17Channel user mode changes shown in channel window
Window manager (EGAL)
featureresolved (xOR)2009-06-17Own mode changes shown in current window
Window manager (EGAL)
featureresolved (xOR)2009-06-17Channel mode changes shown in channel window
Window manager (EGAL)
featureresolved (xOR)2009-06-17Handle MODE event through window manager
Window manager (EGAL)
featureresolved (xOR)2009-06-13Joining and parting channels should affect nick list
Session manager (IrcSession)
featureresolved (xOR)2009-06-13Write a debug log to the file debug.log
featureresolved (xOR)2009-06-13Automatic connection on startup
Window manager (EGAL)
featureresolved (xOR)2009-06-13Closing query window leads to issues for future events for a nick
Window manager (EGAL)
minorresolved (xOR)2009-06-13Parting a channel causes an EventException for PART event when channel window was closed before
Window manager (EGAL)
featureresolved (xOR)2009-06-13Display server error messages
Window manager (EGAL)
featureresolved (xOR)2009-06-13Opening a query window automatically requests WHOIS
Window manager (EGAL)
featureresolved (xOR)2009-06-13Closing a channel window leads to parting the assigned channel
   000569 [eXtyles]
Editor window
trivialassigned (xOR)2009-06-11Size: Trigger Stylechange-event only, if the size changed
   000568 [eXtyles]
Editor window
trivialassigned (xOR)2009-06-11Align Prefix-Button on the left
Main window
minorresolved (xOR)2009-06-11Several clicks on connect button lead to reconnects
featureresolved (xOR)2009-06-11Make settings window use settings class
featureresolved (xOR)2009-06-11Settings class
  000565 [Pong?]
Main window
minorresolved (xOR)2009-06-09Pong? starting with wrong window coordinates
  000417 [Pong?]
Main window
featureresolved (xOR)2009-06-09Ping graph
  000564 [Pong?]
Main window
minorresolved (xOR)2009-06-09Auto arrange ping target areas
  000563 [Pong?]
Main window
featureresolved (xOR)2009-06-09Allow full window resizing
  000562 [Pong?]
Main window
featureresolved (xOR)2009-06-09Resize ping target areas
  000440 [Pong?]
Main window
featureassigned (xOR)2009-06-09Variable location of Targets.xml file
Window manager (EGAL)
minorresolved (xOR)2009-06-07Own nick change are not shown in treeview
Session manager (IrcSession)
featureresolved (xOR)2009-06-07Ping IRC server
Window manager (EGAL)
majorresolved (xOR)2009-06-07Parting a channel causes thread exception
Window manager (EGAL)
featureresolved (xOR)2009-06-07Show and store channel modes after joining
Session manager (IrcSession)
featureresolved (xOR)2009-06-07Handle numeric RPL_CHANNELMODEIS (324)
  000555 [eXtyles]
minorassigned (xOR)2009-06-05Make onclick work for items, even if they are already selected, doesnt have to be the active profile.
  000550 [eXtyles]
minorassigned (xOR)2009-06-05Treeview item onclick shouldnt do anything, if its the active profile, even if it isnt the active item.
  000535 [eXtyles]
minorassigned (xOR)2009-06-05Set font-weight to bold when opening a style.
Main window
featureassigned (xOR)2009-06-05MainMenu: ?: Maybe add another item linking to exirc.net
Main window
featureassigned (xOR)2009-06-05OnChildOpen: Maximize
  000530 [eXtyles]
Main window
featureassigned (xOR)2009-06-05Menu: Files: Recent files
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