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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
Plug-in system
featureresolved (xOR)2011-12-23Remove separation of precompiled and cache folder
xShunter features
featureresolved (xOR)2011-11-21Implement logging with log4net
xShunter features
featureresolved (wenski)2011-11-14!ban trigger with ban reason
Plug-in: Ban system
featureresolved (wenski)2011-11-10Integrate a !banlist command to see a list of people / ip addresses which are banned
  000750 [xShunter]
Plug-in: Ban system
featureresolved (wenski)2011-11-10!tempban trigger for temporary bans
  000748 [xShunter]
Plug-in: Ban system
featureresolved (wenski)2011-11-10Ban log
OpenTTD interface
minorresolved (xOR)2011-11-09Wrong behaviour of xShunter when OpenTTD binary cannot be started
Plug-in system
featureresolved (xOR)2011-11-02!pauseplugin and !unpauseplugin triggers
Plug-in system
featureresolved (xOR)2011-11-02!listplugins trigger - lists currently loaded plug-ins
  000757 [xShunter]
Plug-in: Achievements
featureresolved (xOR)2011-11-01Achievements plug-in
Plug-in: Rules
featureresolved (xOR)2011-11-01!rules <keyword> and/or !rules <number> commands
Console commands
featureresolved (xOR)2011-10-24!lockcompany and !unlockcompany
Plug-in: Community (login system)
featureresolved (xOR)2011-10-03Allow !login from IRC
Plug-in: Community (login system)
featureresolved (xOR)2011-10-03!token trigger (IRC)
Plug-in system
featureresolved (xOR)2011-10-03Provide IRC events to plug-ins
Plug-in system
featureresolved (xOR)2011-10-02Make Trigger object available to plug-ins
  000675 [xShunter]
featureassigned (xOR)2011-10-02!irclogin: In-game login through IRC
Admin/Privilege system
featureresolved (xOR)2011-09-30Rework privilege system
Admin/Privilege system
featureresolved (xOR)2011-09-30Privilege groups
Game features
featureconfirmed2011-09-28Announce auto-restart X minutes before
Game features
minorconfirmed2011-09-28Remove company when "Player" is sent to be a spectator
  000721 [xShunter]
Plug-in: Timers
featureconfirmed2011-09-28Timers plug-in that provides a !timer command
  000688 [xShunter]
Plug-in system
featureresolved (xOR)2011-09-28Plug-in system
  000730 [xShunter]
Plug-in: Player Watch
featureresolved (xOR)2011-09-28PlayerWatch plug-in that supports watching the actions of players
Plug-in: Company protection
featureresolved (xOR)2011-09-28!known trigger listing all known IP addresses for a company
Plug-in: Company protection
featureresolved (xOR)2011-09-28!resetknown trigger clearing all known IP addresses for a company
  000735 [xShunter]
Plug-in system
featureresolved (xOR)2011-09-28Auth events available for plug-ins (login, logout, change logged in name)
  000739 [xShunter]
Plug-in: Goal system
featureresolved (xOR)2011-09-28Report reached goals to community plug-in to include it into highscores
  000731 [xShunter]
Plug-in: Community (login system)
featureresolved (xOR)2011-09-28Database based community (login) system
Plug-in: Community (login system)
featureresolved (xOR)2011-09-23!whois and !me trigger
xShunter features
featureresolved (xOR)2011-09-22Console colors
xShunter features
featureresolved (xOR)2011-09-22Resolve IPs to reverse DNS
Console commands
featureresolved (xOR)2011-09-22Show more information for !known trigger
xShunter features
featureresolved (xOR)2011-09-20!pause and !unpause triggers
Plug-in system
featureresolved (xOR)2011-09-16Optional plug-in cross-references
Admin/Privilege system
minorresolved (xOR)2011-09-09Changing name in-game logs an admin out
Plug-in system
featureresolved (xOR)2011-08-30Provide PlayerDisconnected event for plug-ins
Plug-in system
featureresolved (xOR)2011-08-30Allow custom privileges to be added
Game features
featureresolved (xOR)2011-08-28!version trigger should show compile date and time
Plug-in system
featureresolved (xOR)2011-08-28Support for references between plug-ins
Plug-in system
featureresolved (xOR)2011-08-28Always show compiler warnings
Game features
featureresolved (xOR)2011-08-28Rename !login to !alogin
majorresolved (xOR)2011-08-28Exceptions when parsing too large numbers to 32 bit int
Console commands
minorresolved (xOR)2011-08-28!load trigger causes various problems with internal company list
Update system
crashresolved (xOR)2011-08-19xShunter crashes when installing updates with new file
Plug-in: Autoclean
featureresolved (xOR)2011-08-19Autoclean on demand - realized as plug-in
Game features
featureacknowledged (xOR)2011-08-19Feature request: Spread the "Server # restart" message to other servers
minorresolved (chef)2011-06-20Daten einlesbar ohne angemeldet zu sein.
   000708 [Skipy]
tweakresolved (chef)2011-06-19Einladung
  000707 [Skipy]
tweakresolved (chef)2011-06-09Private Daten
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