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xShunter features
minorresolved (xOR)2012-05-31!news command needs internal company ID
  000860 [xShunter]
xShunter features
featureassigned (xOR)2012-05-29xConsole interface client should support IPv6
  000859 [xShunter]
OpenTTD interface
featureassigned (xOR)2012-05-29Admin interface client should support IPv6
Plug-in: Player Watch
featureresolved (xOR)2012-05-29!screenshot trigger
  000838 [xShunter]
Plug-in system
featureresolved (xOR)2012-05-29Screenshot function provided to plug-ins
Game features
featureresolved (xOR)2012-05-29Enable triggers on server console
Plug-in: Name check
featureresolved (xOR)2012-05-23Automatic AFK name change
xShunter features
featureresolved (xOR)2012-05-23!whowas trigger to get information about players that were connected earlier
featureresolved (xOR)2012-05-21Generic Event support for GameScripts
Plug-in system
featureresolved (xOR)2012-05-14Company password change function for plug-ins
xShunter features
minorresolved (xOR)2012-05-14Exception in onConsoleUpdated event handler
Plug-in: Admin request
featureresolved (xOR)2012-05-14Save game on admin request in sub directory
minorresolved (xOR)2012-05-11IPv6 Support
  000850 [xShunter]
xShunter features
featureconfirmed2012-05-11GeoIP support for IPv6
xShunter features
textresolved (xOR)2012-05-11!players trigger cannot show frame lag
  000849 [xShunter]
Plug-in: Player Watch
featureacknowledged2012-05-07Make Screenshots if frequent crashes are detected
xShunter features
featureresolved (xOR)2012-05-04Server status command
xShunter features
featureresolved (xOR)2012-05-04Hardware key validation via web
featureresolved (xOR)2012-05-03Announce on IRC when signs are placed
  000843 [xShunter]
minorconfirmed2012-05-03Status topic sometimes not set
Game features
minorresolved (xOR)2012-05-02Company lock not removed when company is closed
Plug-in: Admin request
featureresolved (xOR)2012-05-01Save game on admin request
Game features
minorresolved (xOR)2012-05-01Company lock not removed when company is closed
  000839 [xShunter]
Plug-in: Ban system
featureconfirmed (wenski)2012-05-01Make Banlist + Commands support IPV6
xShunter features
minorresolved (xOR)2012-04-30xShunter not working correctly with show_date_in_logs = true
featureassigned (xOR)2012-04-29Add localization
featureresolved (xOR)2012-04-29Antiflood
xShunter features
minorresolved (xOR)2012-04-27!news trigger not having any effect
minorresolved (xOR)2012-04-23long IRC messages are cut off due to irc protocol restrictions
Plug-in: Name check
minorresolved (xOR)2012-04-20Players can circumvent name enforcement and take a default name
Plug-in: Name check
textresolved (xOR)2012-04-20Name change information message is shown twice
xShunter features
minorresolved (xOR)2012-04-20!resetcompanyspec, !resetcompanykick and !resetcompanyban triggers fail when used on empty company
Plug-in: Vote system
minorresolved (xOR)2012-04-20"minimum" setting don't work correctly.
  000826 [xShunter]
Plug-in: Admin tools
featureconfirmed2012-04-18Company punishment
xShunter features
minorresolved (xOR)2012-04-17Instant action can look like scheduled action
featureresolved (xOR)2012-04-17More control over what is sent to IRC channels
Plug-in: Goal system
minorresolved (xOR)2012-04-17Announcements lead to error messages when goal is disabled and no companies exist
  000822 [xShunter]
Plug-in: Player check
featureassigned (xOR)2012-04-17BOPM integration: whitelist
  000821 [xShunter]
Plug-in: Player check
featureresolved (xOR)2012-04-17BOPM integration: automatic check for botnets and open proxies
Plug-in: Autoclean
featureresolved (xOR)2012-04-04!saveme command
Plug-in: Community (login system)
featureresolved (xOR)2012-03-29Automatic community login on admin login
minorresolved (xOR)2012-03-27Option that allow bind IRC bot to specific outgoing IP address.
Plug-in: Vote system
featureresolved (xOR)2012-03-27Move vote functionality to a plug-in
Plug-in system
minorresolved (xOR)2012-03-27Plug-in loading not finished when one plug-in fails to load during plug-in reload
featureresolved (xOR)2012-03-27!reload trigger
Plug-in: Custom triggers
featureresolved (xOR)2012-03-27Chat antiflood
xShunter features
featureresolved (xOR)2012-03-26Automatic timed restarts - Player count check
xShunter features
featureresolved (xOR)2012-03-12Show vehicle crashes on IRC
Plug-in: Goal system
featureresolved (xOR)2012-03-05Show newspaper message and dialog box when game is won
  000756 [xShunter]
Plug-in: Coop
featureresolved (wenski)2012-03-04Coop mode plug-in
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