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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000442 [xREDIRECT]
minorresolved (xOR)2008-09-20Local players redirected to empty local address
  000433 [xREDIRECT]
featureresolved (xOR)2008-09-20Debug messages for slot issue debugging
Main window
featureresolved (xOR)2008-09-14Don't try to load sound if option for alarm file not activated
minorresolved (xOR)2008-08-28Updater that can download updates for xServerList automatically and manually
Main window
featureassigned (xOR)2008-08-25Enable sorting of servers
  000437 [xServerList]
Main window
featureresolved (xOR)2008-08-25Release the first version
  000435 [xServerList]
Main window
minorassigned (xOR)2008-08-25Editing a server sorts it to the bottom
  000432 [Pong?]
Main window
minorassigned (xOR)2008-06-20Handling of exception errors
  000431 [xREDIRECT]
minorresolved (xOR)2008-06-01No automatic redirection to servers having the NOMANUAL flag set
  000430 [xREDIRECT]
Server menu
featureresolved (xOR)2008-06-01Show admins why non-admins would not be able to redirect themselves
  000429 [xREDIRECT]
minorresolved (xOR)2008-06-01Messages shows source server being the same as the target server
  000428 [xREDIRECT]
textresolved (xOR)2008-06-01Readd the lost "Server full" message
  000427 [xREDIRECT]
Server querying
tweakresolved (xOR)2008-06-01Optimization of socket query code
  000426 [xREDIRECT]
minorresolved (xOR)2008-06-01Array error message when player disconnects within first 20 seconds
  000425 [xREDIRECT]
minorresolved (xOR)2008-06-01HLTVs are redirected, but shouldn't
featureresolved (xOR)2008-05-11Updater should work with compressed file
  000422 [Pong?]
Main window
tweakresolved (xOR)2008-05-11Unwanted autoscroll to focused ping control
  000424 [Pong?]
Main window
tweakresolved (xOR)2008-05-11Opening log window is slow with much log text
Server menu
minorresolved (xOR)2008-04-30Incorrect menu with redirect_check_method 0
  000423 [Pong?]
featureassigned (xOR)2008-03-13Updater should be able to update several files
  000410 [Pong?]
Main window
featureassigned (xOR)2008-03-13Graphical frontend to add/edit/remove targets
  000416 [Pong?]
Main window
featureresolved (xOR)2008-03-13Save window size
  000411 [Pong?]
Main window
featureresolved (xOR)2008-03-13Play alarm sound if a critical target does not respond
  000419 [Pong?]
Main window
featureassigned (xOR)2008-02-28Log saving
  000413 [Pong?]
Main window
featureresolved (xOR)2008-02-28Prevent log window to be opened more than once for a target
  000418 [Pong?]
Main window
featureresolved (xOR)2008-02-28Indicate when a connection was down since last check by the user
  000415 [Pong?]
Main window
minorresolved (xOR)2008-02-28Sometimes some targets are still displayed as activated after all have been deactivated
  000409 [Pong?]
Main window
featureresolved (xOR)2008-02-28Load targets dynamically from XML settings file
  000414 [Pong?]
Main window
minorresolved (xOR)2008-02-28All network errors except timeout are treated as ping response
  000405 [Pong?]
Main window
minorresolved (xOR)2008-02-27Pong? tries to send a ping while the last ping was not completed, causing an exception
  000412 [Pong?]
Main window
featureresolved (xOR)2008-02-27Add links to change log and road map to main window
  000404 [Pong?]
Main window
minorresolved (xOR)2008-02-27Log shows multiple packet loss messages for a single packet loss
  000403 [Pong?]
Main window
minorresolved (xOR)2008-02-27Ping 0 treated as timeout
  000406 [Pong?]
Main window
featureresolved (xOR)2008-02-27Display server name, IP, current ping, average ping and a status for a server
  000407 [Pong?]
Main window
featureresolved (xOR)2008-02-27Ping targets and measure latency
  000408 [Pong?]
Main window
featureresolved (xOR)2008-02-27Internally write a log with timestamped actions and make it viewable
  000387 [xREDIRECT]
tweakresolved (xOR)2008-01-06Log message for socket errors does not show server number
  000385 [xREDIRECT]
featureresolved (xOR)2007-11-26Redesign handling of check whether redirecting and queueing is possible
  000380 [xREDIRECT]
Server menu
featureresolved (xOR)2007-11-14Hide servers that are down
  000377 [xREDIRECT]
minorresolved (xOR)2007-11-14Redirection not possible with redirect_check_method 0
  000375 [xREDIRECT]
Server menu
minorresolved (xOR)2007-11-14Information about own server in menu missing
  000374 [xREDIRECT]
featureresolved (xOR)2007-11-14Information about own server in announcements missing
  000367 [xREDIRECT]
Server menu
tweakresolved (xOR)2007-11-14Remove server address from name in menu
  000373 [xREDIRECT]
Server menu
minorresolved (xOR)2007-11-14Admins can't connect to full server
  000372 [xREDIRECT]
minorresolved (xOR)2007-11-14Array overflow on servers with 32 slots
Server list file
minorresolved (xOR)2007-11-14Plugin can't detect own server after first start
  000370 [xREDIRECT]
featureresolved (xOR)2007-11-14XMLDoc source code documentation
  000369 [xREDIRECT]
Server menu
featureresolved (xOR)2007-11-14Server activation status indication in menues without colors
  000368 [xREDIRECT]
featureresolved (xOR)2007-11-14Advantage local players
  000359 [xREDIRECT]
Server menu
featureresolved (xOR)2007-11-14Retry/Queue servers
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