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    PID # CategorySeverityStatusUpdatedSummary
  000496 [eXirc.mini]
featureacknowledged2015-05-04Concept for community related features/community customization
Server list
featureconfirmed2015-05-04Server list columns customizable
  000929 [OLaunch]
Goal information
featureconfirmed2015-05-04IPv6 support for goal information
  000577 [eXirc.mini]
Chat window
tweakresolved (xOR)2014-04-23text loses color
  000453 [eXirc.mini]
Command/Script manager
featureresolved (xOR)2014-04-23Script command "/debug"
  000890 [OpenTTD website]
featureresolved (myhorta)2013-11-28Admins should be able to delete shoutbox entries
  000928 [OLaunch]
Community information
featureresolved (xOR)2013-08-04Show link to OLaunch web panel for servers without community information
  000921 [OLaunch]
Server list
featureresolved (xOR)2013-07-29IPv6 support for server queries
  000927 [OLaunch]
Server list
featureconfirmed2013-07-29IPv6 support for master server list
  000922 [OLaunch]
featureresolved (xOR)2013-07-28Automatically download flag files
  000926 [OpenTTD website]
minorassigned (myhorta)2013-07-12Wrong behavior while editing the news if it contains '\n' caracters
  0008891[OpenTTD website]
minorresolved (myhorta)2013-07-04Shoutbox button not working on IE 8
  0008911[OpenTTD website]
featureresolved (myhorta)2013-07-04Show nationality flag beside player name in shoutbox
  0007761[OpenTTD website]
featureresolved (myhorta)2013-07-04New page containing info about the servers and the players playing in it
  0008461[OpenTTD website]
featureresolved (myhorta)2013-07-04News administration via website
  000848 [OpenTTD website]
featureresolved (myhorta)2013-07-04Forums integration
  000844 [OpenTTD website]
featureresolved (myhorta)2013-07-04Administration section
  000877 [OpenTTD website]
minorresolved (myhorta)2013-07-04Switching to older news not possible
  000845 [OpenTTD website]
featureresolved (myhorta)2013-07-04News section
  0007683[OpenTTD website]
minorresolved (myhorta)2013-07-04Prevent shoutbox message to be sent multiple times
  000925 [xShunter]
majorconfirmed2013-05-26Xshunter instances crashing when attepting to copy something
Community information
featureresolved (xOR)2013-05-22Load extra community information from OLaunch website
  000912 [OLaunch]
xShunter interface
featureresolved (xOR)2013-05-16Show goal information from xShunter interface
  000924 [OLaunch]
featureassigned (xOR)2013-05-12Updater should be able to create start menu shortcurts
  000909 [OLaunch]
featureresolved (xOR)2013-05-12Automatic updating
  000923 [OLaunch]
featureresolved (xOR)2013-05-12Move self-update functionality to separate application
  000916 [OLaunch]
featureconfirmed2013-04-24Server filters by properties and automatically generated tags
  000915 [OLaunch]
xShunter interface
featureconfirmed2013-04-24xShunter administration
  000914 [OLaunch]
featureconfirmed2013-04-24Basic administration features
  000920 [OLaunch]
featureconfirmed2013-04-24IPv6 support for GeoIP
  000918 [OLaunch]
Server detail information
featureconfirmed2013-04-24Server NewGRF check
  000917 [OLaunch]
Server detail information
featureconfirmed2013-04-24Server version check
  000919 [OLaunch]
featureresolved (xOR)2013-04-24Automatic GeoIP database download
  000908 [OLaunch]
featureresolved (xOR)2013-04-23Configuration system
  000910 [OLaunch]
xShunter interface
featureassigned (xOR)2013-04-23Automatic xShunter login
  000907 [xShunter]
OpenTTD interface
featureresolved (xOR)2013-04-01Make location of screenshot folder configurable
  000906 [xShunter]
Plug-in: Name check
featureresolved (xOR)2013-03-26Make check whether someone is inactive available to other plug-ins
  000905 [xShunter]
Game features
minorresolved (xOR)2013-03-17!resetcompanytimer can reset wrong company (but with same ID)
Plug-in: Player check
featureassigned (xOR)2013-02-16Rejoin company (!rejoin <company_ID>)
  000898 [xShunter]
xShunter features
featureresolved (xOR)2013-01-21No restart when server was idle for cancellation when !saveme is activated
featureresolved (xOR)2013-01-20Allow different statuses on IRC control server
Game features
featureresolved (xOR)2013-01-14Show game length (for the winning company) when goal is reached.
CityBuilder GameScript
featureassigned (xOR)2012-10-24Prevent companies from destroying buildings in claimed towns
Plug-in: Ban system
minorconfirmed2012-10-10resetcompanyban command is not moved to the bansystem plug-in
CityBuilder GameScript
featureassigned (xOR)2012-10-09Prevent companies from building in claimed cities
CityBuilder GameScript
minorresolved (Knogle)2012-10-03Trying to claim an already claimed town causes !goal to show your town with 0 inhabitants
  000902 [xShunter]
Plug-in: Company protection
featureconfirmed2012-10-01Suggestion: A !join command to work with !invite
xShunter features
featurenew2012-09-25Company Limitation Plug-In
Plug-in: Ban system
featureresolved (xOR)2012-09-18Better readable time specifications
Plug-in: <new plug-in>
featureconfirmed2012-08-30Advertisment Plug-In
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