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000896xShunterPlug-in: Player checkpublic2012-08-26 03:312013-02-16 23:29
Assigned ToxOR 
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Summary000896: Rejoin company (!rejoin <company_ID>)
Descriptionthe ideia is to send players back to the company where he was, using the n-ice client, when "timeouts/connection lost" happens.
When a player asks for a "!rejoin <company_ID>", plugin checks player is known in the company (name/connection) and if confirmed, move the player to that company.

Client version makes the auto-reconnect, after saved company where player was and automatically sends the !rejoin <company_ID> command
Steps To Reproduceclient versions with code on it, to test (the !rejoin command is send publicly at this point):
https://dl.dropbox.com/u/48606680/OpenTTD_Releases/OpenTTD_1.2.2_a4-TESTS_NODELETE.zip [^]
Additional InformationThe usage of !rejoin trigger will be sent privatly by client when all set. To players don't abuse of it
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xOR (administrator)
2013-01-22 00:53

i have now added automatic rejoin functionality for players known on a company, even without the client using !rejoin. i think this makes a !rejoin command obsolete. it has the disadvantage that it cannot be controlled by the client, but
1. most players still having a company on a server they join again would want to go back to that company anyway (or otherwise reset it)
2. it works with vanilla OpenTTD clients too
so eventually i think this is the better solution and would want to close this one. but i will wait for your reply on this first.
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ST2 (reporter)
2013-02-16 23:29

yup, with what you've added, !rejoin is obsolete!
what vanilla OpenTTD can't do is send back automatically players back to server when "general timeout" or "connection lost" happens (only this both were covered by code I've added in client version). Wich is not a problem if player is in front of the game and changes (4 lines) aren't accepted by devs :)
for me, can close it.

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