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000801xShunterxShunter featurespublic2012-01-08 12:002012-01-29 00:48
Assigned ToxOR 
PlatformOSOS Version
Product Versionv0.1 
Target Versionv0.2Fixed in Versionv0.2 
Summary000801: xShunter decoupled from OpenTTD console
DescriptionA small interface program that is running xShunter and makes it's console available over TCP should be written. This acts as abstraction layer between OpenTTD and xShunter.
Using this gives two big benefits:

  • It is no longer necessary to restart the OpenTTD server or even stop the game for installation of an xShunter update

  • Crashes of xShunter can be handled without restarting OpenTTD

  • It is no longer necessary to run xShunter on the same machine where the OpenTTD server is running

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    parent of 000803resolvedxOR xShunter Retreat console/application access code 
    parent of 000804resolvedxOR xShunter Use new xConsole interface to access the OpenTTD console 
    parent of 000802resolvedxOR xConsole Start console application, bind to it, auto-restart if it crashes 
    parent of 000808resolvedxOR xShunter Update installations without OpenTTD restart 

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