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000765xShunterPlug-in systempublic2011-12-23 01:252012-03-27 22:21
Assigned ToxOR 
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Product Versionv0.1 
Target Versionv0.2Fixed in Versionv0.2 
Summary000765: Plug-in loading not finished when one plug-in fails to load during plug-in reload
DescriptionIf there are 13 plug-ins with one of them having an error that makes it fail to compile the output will be:
<Server> OK, reloading plug-ins.
<Server> Plug-in reload finished, loaded 12 plug-ins.
The console and logs then show specific error messages and the admin can clearly see that one plug-in failed to load.

However, when a run-time error occurs in the plug-in during its Load() method this will lead to the server saying:
<Server> OK, reloading plug-ins.
But it will never finish and say how many plug-ins were loaded. The console shows a clean error message, though, for example:
[PluginManager] Loading Autoclean v1.0 (Autoclean.cs) failed! Message(s): (...)

This should be fixed so that the reload process is completed regardless of single plug-ins failing to load.
Additional InformationIt is unknown whether the incomplete AppDomain reload also causes other problems afterwards. In one instance plug-ins weren't receiving any plug-in events anymore after the incomplete load, however, that couldn't be reproduced in a second test.
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xOR (administrator)
2012-03-27 22:21
edited on: 2012-03-27 22:22

An exception within the Load method is now shown as error message on the console and the log file. It is no longer holding up the loading of other plug-ins or the messages shown to admins.

The plug-in might or might not miss critical initializations due to this. It is unknown whether the plug-in has problems because of that or runs without problems anyway. Therefore the plug-in is still listed and counted as active plug-in. It is up to the admin to decide what to do upon reading the error message on the console.
To make sure an admin notices such errors it was implemented with r368 that all plug-ins that had errors during load are shown to him on IRC or in-game (depending on from where !reloadplugins was used).

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