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000901xShunterCityBuilder GameScriptpublic2012-09-25 17:372012-10-09 14:22
000901: Prevent companies from building in claimed cities
Companies should be prevented from building something in the area of a town that is claimed by another company. Real prevention isn't technically possible, hence these actions should be taken:
1. immediately make the company destroy whatever it build
2. send the company a warning that it built in the area of someone else
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2012-10-01 02:23   
I finished 1. today, now on to 2.
2012-10-02 11:12   
you can build multiple water towers in your enemies towns to decrease the population.
2012-10-09 14:22   
Issues reported with this:
-When you take a town where a traintrack was already build the train track doesnt disappear (which is correct imo), but when adding signals to the tracks the tracks get removed.
-If you are fast enough with building a depot and releasing an engine you can avoid the autoremove. After that the depot will stay there aswell as the tracks/roads the vehicle has traveled over.
-After a reset the signs (sometimes?) which give the area size stay there